What Should You Do With the Space Under Your Deck?

What do you do with that giant space under your deck? Depending on where your deck is placed, the space could be one or two feet tall, or it could be nearly an entire story. This space has many potential uses. Read on for some interesting ideas that you could consider for your under-deck space.

Add an Under-Deck Patio

If your deck is high enough, you can add a secondary patio under your deck. Add patio paving stones or concrete, and even a fire pit, and you’ll have a cozy place to spend some time. An under-deck patio is a great place for rainy weather, and can become a relaxing retreat.

Consider adding some low fencing around it to section it off from the rest of your garden, or add some landscaping bushes around it. 

Put a Dog House Under It

Under your deck is going to naturally be a nice, cool place for your pup to hang out. Consider turning it into a permanent dog house, by adding some fake grass, dog water bowls, and toys. You can add walls on either side to give your pup a bit of a wind break.

Install a Children’s Play Area

Is the area beneath the deck slightly too small for adults? Well, children might be able to fit perfectly! It’s the perfect place to create a children’s play area. You can add some toys and rubber gravel for playgrounds to make things extra fun.

Cordon off the area if you want to be able to let the younger children play there. The kids will be able to play even during rain, and they’ll have a special retreat that they can show off to their friends.

Keep Backyard Chickens or Bunnies

A chicken or bunny hutch is an excellent use for your under deck space. Not only will they be sheltered from the wind and rain, but they’ll also be appropriately set back from your neighbor’s houses. You can save some money because you won’t need to build an entire freestanding structure.

Use It for Additional Storage

The area beneath your deck can be used for additional storage. If it’s large enough, consider placing a storage bin underneath it.

You can also place things like riding mowers or other landscaping equipment under it, if the area has the space. For built-in storage, you can build a shed under your deck, complete with doors. That’ll add some functional space that you can use to keep your garage clear.

Install Skirting to Block It Off

Don’t want to use the deck space at all? You can install an attractive lattice or skirting to keep children and animals from getting under the deck. If your deck is low, a lattice will keep the wild animals from moving in.

You can also place vine plants around the skirting, to give it a more natural look. You may want to install cloth and gravel before you install the skirting, though, to keep weeds and grass from growing in an area that you now can’t access. 

Grow a Lovely Shade Garden

If you’ve got some extra room and a green thumb, why not grow a shade garden? Shade gardens tend to be very difficult for gardeners to grow, because a home typically doesn’t have many areas that are usually shaded.

A deck gives you the opportunity to grow plants that you wouldn’t be able to grow elsewhere, such as tropical plants that usually grow beneath a forest canopy. Plus, you can install plastic sheeting around the deck during the winter, to help the plants through the frost.

Are you ready to get started on your deck? Not only does your deck itself offer some tremendous opportunities, but the space beneath it does, too. Contact D. S. Bahr Construction, Inc. to get started.