Factors to Consider When Choosing Roofing Materials

Your home’s roofing complements most of the other design attributes of the building. It also plays a vital protective role by shielding you from rain, snow, extreme temperatures, and wind. As the construction industry continuously improves roofing products, you have a variety of materials that you can use for your next project. This piece discusses several factors that should determine your choice of roofing materials.

The Pitch of Your Roof

The pitch is the roof’s incline represented as a fraction. It determines the material you select since its variation also changes the roof’s ability to drain water. If the pitch does not allow your roof to drain water quickly, you need roofing materials that can handle the weight of the water and prevent it from leaking into your home.

For example, asphalt shingles are common for buildings with steep pitches. If your home has a low pitch, select a specialized product that is leak-resistant. For example, you can use torch-down roofing, rubber membranes, or standing seam metal.

The Authenticity of Your Roof

Architectural authenticity mainly applies when you replace your roof. Homes with traditional styles mostly have their materials predetermined by history. If your home has wooden shakes, masonry tiles, or slates, you’re often better off sticking to these materials during renovation.

Maintaining architectural authenticity prevents your building from depreciating. Traditional homes are only as prestigious as the number of original features you can keep. Therefore, adding contemporary materials might not complement the traditional attributes of your building.

In some areas, zoning regulations prevent you from using certain roofing materials. This is especially so if the area is a heritage site or the buildings have historical significance. Simply put, homes must have similar roofs to maintain their relevance.

The Maintenance Needs of Your Roof

Consider the costs of maintaining your preferred roof. A roof that needs frequent maintenance could prove expensive in the long run. Therefore, consider low-maintenance roofs such as composite, fiberglass, or asphalt shingles.

Read home improvement blogs to establish the maintenance needs of new roofing materials. Moreover, you could read customer reviews and consult with friends who have similar roofs to establish the maintenance protocols of the various roofs.

The Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

Roofing materials have varying energy efficiency levels. High energy efficiency helps control the internal temperatures since the house does not gain or lose heat rapidly.

First, consider the area’s weather and geological features. If your home is in hot-dry or cold climatic zones, consider the insulation qualities of your roof. The roofing material should contain the internal temperatures to ensure the air conditioning system does not strain.

The Pricing for Your Roof

Price is a critical concern for many homeowners. Therefore, compare the price points of the different brands. Most manufacturers consider durability when pricing their products. Therefore, establish the durability of the product to know if you will get value for your money.

You have several ways to examine a roof’s durability. For instance, check whether the manufacturer complies with international roof manufacturing standards. Besides, inquire if the roof undergoes stress tests to ensure it can withstand harsh weather such as storms and hailstones.

The product’s warranty will also give insights into its durability. Typically, a product with a warranty lasting several decades is more durable than one with a warranty lasting less than a decade. Expect to pay more for a durable product. However, this should not be a concern since most manufacturers and dealers offer discounts and complementary services such as installation to their clients.

Most homeowners lack the technical expertise necessary to compare and contrast the different roofing materials. They cannot always tell which manufacturer produces durable products. For these reasons, consult with experienced roofing contractors.

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