Factors That Make Cedar Roofing Eco-Friendly

Factors That Make Cedar Roofing Eco-Friendly

You should install a cedar roof if you want a beautiful and eco-friendly roof. Here are some of the reasons cedar roofing is eco-friendly.

Cedar Is Durable

A cedar roof can last as long as 40 years. A durable roof is eco-friendly since it takes a long time before you have to replace it. The durability saves on the materials and resources you have to use on the roof for the duration you own the property.

Note that the durability of your cedar roof is not a guarantee. You have to maintain the roof to prevent damage that might necessitate premature replacement. Take these measures to help you prolong your roof’s longevity:

  • Use high-quality cedar.
  • Get a professional roofing contractor to install the roof.
  • Ensure the roof has adequate ventilation.
  • Clean the roof regularly.

Get a professional roof inspection regularly to spot and fix emerging problems.

Cedar Is Recyclable

You don’t have to haul Cedar shakes or shingles to the nearest landfill when the time comes to replace the roof. You can recycle or repurpose the materials into other useful things. For example, you can:

  • Use the cedar to make planter boxes, roof your dog’s house, or fashion a mailbox.
  • Chip the materials to make mulch for your garden.
  • Take the materials to the local recycling center, if you have one.
  • Use the cedar for grilling.

Cedar shakes and shingles come with different treatments. Confirm which chemicals the materials have before you re-purpose them. Otherwise, you might contaminate the environment. Cedar is also biodegradable, so it won’t stay on the ground for long if you do discard it.

Cedar Is Weather Resistant

Cedar roofs are weather resistant. For example, cedarwood can survive a humid environment without much damage. The natural oils in cedar minimize the absorption of moisture.

In addition, the natural oils also give the cedar a degree of flexibility that limits the material’s contraction and expansion. Extreme expansion and contraction of materials lead to distortion or breakage. High-quality materials and installation, the severity of the weather, and the orientation of the roof (with respect to the sun) determine the rate of weathering.

Cedar Is Bug Repellent

Most chemicals are bad for the environment, so you should minimize your use of chemicals. A cedar roof can help you avoid the use of pesticides. Cedarwood has chemicals that affect most bugs, including termites. With a cedar roof, you don’t have to use lots of chemicals to ward off termites or bugs that would otherwise contaminate the environment.

Cedar Shakes Are Individually Replaceable

Even the best roofing materials might require repair or replacement sometime in their lifetime. Cedar roofs are not an exception. An extreme windstorm, record-breaking snow, or a fallen tree branch can damage a section of the roof.

Fortunately, the sectional nature of cedar roofs means you don’t have to replace the whole roof in case of a disaster. You only replace the damaged shakes or shingles and continue to use the roof as usual. The individual replacement minimizes resource-use after damage, which is good for the environment.

Cedar Is Sustainable

Lastly, cedar is sustainable because it is renewable. Responsible roofing manufacturers practice responsible harvesting of wood, participate in reforestation programs, and repurpose scrap or unused wood for various purposes. Ask your roofing contractor or manufacturer about their cedar sustenance programs.

You can make your cedar roof even more eco-friendly if you maintain it properly to prolong its lifespan. Contact D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc., for further information on cedar roofing or other forms of eco-friendly roofing practices. We will be glad to give you more information, install, or repair your roof.

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