Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks - Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Minneapolis, MN

Roof leaks are dangerous because they affect not only the integrity of the roof but can also damage the interior fixtures and household items. Here are some of the typical causes of roof leaks to watch out for.

Negligent DIY Repair

DIY repair can save you loads of cash but only if you do everything right. You can damage your roof if you don’t have the right skills or tools to fix roof damage. For example, a poor DIY repair can leave you with the following problems.

Poor Gutter Pitch

If you don’t know the right gutter pitch or how to create one, your gutters can spill water over the sides or allow water to soak up under the roof. The latter can accelerate the corrosion and rot of roof materials and even cause a leak.

Improper Nailing

If you want to nail replacement roof shingles, you must know where to nail, how many nails to use, how far to drive the nails, and even the size of the nails to use. Any mistake on these requirements can leave your shingles weak and increase the risk of roof leaks.

Poor or Negligent Maintenance

All roofs require regular maintenance to prevent damage and help the roofs last as long as possible. You risk roof leaks if you don’t maintain your roof at all or maintain it improperly. Negligent maintenance issues that may cause leaks include the following.

Dirty Gutters and Roof

Constant dirt or debris on the roof means the roof won’t dry off completely. Common culprits include leaves and windblown debris. The constant moisture on the roof may deteriorate the roofing materials and cause leakage.

Extreme Foot Traffic

Even if your roof is relatively strong, you risk damage to the roofing material if you or other people walk on the roof all the time. Too much foot traffic can damage the shingles, damage the flashing, and strip the protective granules on the shingles. Such damage increases the risk of roof leaks in case of a storm.

Snow Overload

Snow accumulation can lead to roof damage in two main ways. First, the weight of the snow may lead to a roof cave in if your roof is too old. Secondly, if the snow stays on the roof for a long time, the snow may melt and seep through tiny cracks on the roof.


Freak accidents can damage even brand-new roofs and cause leaks. These are the two accidents you should worry about most.

Wind Damage

Strong winds can cause roof leaks when the winds uplift sections of the roof and strip off roof flashing. The damage is even more likely if the roof is old or doesn’t have strong fasteners.

Falling Trees

If you have trees around the house, they can crash through your roof and cause severe leaks. A strong storm can break off tree branches and crash them on the roof. Weak trees, such as those with rotten trunks, can also crash on the roof and cause leakage.

Material Defects

Some roofs leak because their roofing material came from the factory defective. Defective shingles, for example, may experience accelerated aging, lose their granules fast, and leak prematurely. Material defects can also affect other parts of the roof such as gutters and flashing.

Material Wear

All roofs eventually wear out, and worn-out roofs suffer all kinds of problems including leaks. Roof wear is mostly due to weather elements such as snow, rainfall, and temperature fluctuations. However, poor maintenance can also accelerate the rate of wear of roofing materials.

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