Vinyl Siding in Minneapolis, MN

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Whether you want to construct a new home or remodel and old-fashioned office building, one thing is clear: you want the exterior of your home or company building to be attractive, durable, and safe.

D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc. specializes in installing siding that will last for years and look great. We offer a variety of siding materials, including vinyl siding, which is the first choice of more than half of all American homeowners.

Benefit From Our Vinyl Siding Services

Consider these reasons to use vinyl siding on your home or office:

  1. Vinyl is inexpensive. Siding can be expensive, especially if you have a large office building or home to cover, and many homeowners don’t want to break the bank to afford quality siding. But we install vinyl siding that is significantly less expensive than cedar or aluminum siding.
  2. Vinyl is attractive. Our vinyl siding contractor uses trusted brands that come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, so you get exactly the look you want for your home or office building. You’ll enjoy picking out the perfect set of vinyl for your construction project.
  3. Vinyl is easy to handle. Think about it—every five years, you have to repaint your building (or pay someone to do it for you). Vinyl doesn’t fade easily, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of repainting.
  4. Vinyl is durable. A vinyl-covered house or building can withstand high temperatures, icy winters, and high winds. You won’t have to worry next time an ice storm hits Minneapolis, MN—your vinyl can take it.

We’re confident that you’ll love your new vinyl. We employ experienced technicians to give you the best vinyl siding services in the Twin Cities area.

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To speak with one of our award-winning contractors, contact us at 612.722.1448. We offer free onsite analysis and estimates to home and business owners in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. We look forward to installing your vinyl siding soon!