Soffit and Fascia Installation and Replacement Services for the Twin Cities Area

You know your roof has a leak—but where is it? If your shingles are still in great shape, you might be surprised by the water coming in. However, you may actually have an issue with little-known pieces of your roof: the soffits and the fascia. When you need soffit and fascia installation, repair, or replacement, depend on D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc.

Learn About Soffits and Fascia

You may have never heard of soffits and fascia before, but they are still important pieces of your roof.

Soffits are essentially your eaves; a soffit is the material that protects the underside of your roof between the edge of the roof and the rest of the house. Soffits also often have holes to properly ventilate your attic. However, the soffits’ overhang may attract insects or small animals, causing damage to the soffits and your roof.

Fascia, or fascia boards, connect your gutters to your roof. Fascia boards cover up the end of your roof’s rafters, making a smooth edge and protecting them from water. Fascia are most often damaged or ruined by water.

Trust Our Services

If you live in Minneapolis, MN or St. Paul, MN, D.S. Bahr Construction can solve your soffit or fascia problem. We offer:

  • Soffit replacement and installation
  • Fascia replacement and installation
  • Fascia repair services
  • Soffit repair services

We can quickly diagnose and fix your roofing issue—our company has served the Twin Cities area since 1990, so you can trust our knowledgeable professionals to efficiently find and correct the problem. When you’re looking for soffit and fascia contractors, contact us.

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If you would like help with your soffits or fascia, give us a call at 612.722.1448. Alternatively, you can email us at or fill out the contact form on this page. We will get back to you as soon as we can with a free estimate so you won’t have to wait to get your roof repaired. Let D.S. Bahr Construction help you today.