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Keeping your roof in top condition isn’t just good advice: it’s a requirement for safe and comfortable living. Like your walls and floor, the roof of your building is all that keeps you and your belongings from harsh weather, natural nuisances, and other outdoor problems. When you need residential roofing repaired or replaced, call D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc. first.

We have over 26 years of experience providing our quality roofing service throughout the Minneapolis, MN, area. Every job we complete involves only our highest quality workmanship and materials, which makes us a preferred residential roofing expert for our customers. Call us today to ask any questions you may have about our roofing service.

Exceptional Materials

Even in 1990, our founder David Bahr decided that his company would focus on not just excellent communication and customer service, but also on providing superior roofing materials for our jobs at competitive prices. We follow this ideal today by utilizing well-known and trusted brands such as Cedar Bureau and Certain Teed.

Our roofs are made to last against the sun, weather, and other possible roof damage. Likewise, every roofing service we offer is designed to be the best around. You can rest assured knowing that when you have residential roofing maintenance, repair, or installation performed by D.S. Bahr Construction, you will be receiving a roofing service that you can take pride in.

Fantastic Appearance

In addition to functioning superbly, our roofs also look amazing. In particular, our new roof installations are a massive improvement compared to older residential roofing. Nevertheless, whatever roofing service you would like performed on your home will leave a positive lasting impression.

Call us today at 612.722.1448 to receive your free estimate and schedule an appointment. We can advise you on what we think the best roofing service for you home will be and then offer you the best residential roofing available. You deserve a happy, comfortable building in the Minneapolis, MN, area: hire D.S. Bahr Construction for your roofing project.



One of our residential roofing projects in Minneapolis, MN






before a truss job                                                                      


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