Cedar Shingle Siding for the Twin Cities

Do you want your home or property to have a classic, rustic look? Cedar shingle siding gives you an easy way to improve your home’s value and completely transform its style.

At D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc., we connect our clients with the best cedar shingle siding in the business. If you live anywhere in or near Minneapolis, MN, contact our capable team.

Why Choose Cedar Shingle Siding?

Vinyl and cement siding are beautiful and affordable. But if you want a completely natural look, you can’t go wrong with cedar siding. Cedar has been the wood of choice for property owners since at least the 1800s. The wood lasts for a long time and gives each home a unique look as it weathers.

For instance, red cedar weathers to a rich, deep color that makes any house look stately. White cedar might not last as long as red cedar, but it weathers to a gray, silver shade that helps your property stand out.

If you choose cedar shingles for your home’s exterior, you’ll enjoy a sturdy, durable product that enhances any residential or commercial property it graces.

Why Choose D.S. Bahr?

Since 1990, we’ve served clients across Minneapolis, MN with our top-notch workmanship and above-average materials. We stay in constant communication with our clients to ensure we complete everything to their exact specifications and to check that they’re completely satisfied with our products.

We aim for your complete satisfaction with any product or service you choose. We’ll help you select the right color palate for your unique property, and we’ll also help your wood stand up to Minneapolis’s humid climate and harsh winters.

Whatever type or shade of cedar shingle siding you want for your commercial or residential property, contact D.S. Bahr Construction today at 612.722.1448. We’ll give you a free estimate and get your siding project off to the right start.