Cedar Roofing Contractors Serving the Twin Cities Area

Are you looking to add a beautiful, rustic element to your home? Cedar roofing may be the perfect solution. Roofs made from this material are exceptionally beautiful and compatible with a range of architectural styles. And, unlike other roofing materials, cedar shakes or shingles grow more beautiful with age. Even better, they are durable, weather resistant, and long lasting.

Do you like the look of cedar shake or shingle roofing? Turn to D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc., and we’ll help you add this roof material to your home or commercial building. Our team has offered installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance on Minneapolis, MN roofs since 1990. With every project, we provide high-quality workmanship and materials.

House With Cedar Roofing — Minneapolis, MN — D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc.

We’ll Take Care of All Your Roofing Needs

Cedar roofs are hardy, but they do require regular maintenance. It goes without saying that Minneapolis, MN receives a lot of snow each year—as much as 55 inches. For this reason, you might consider snow guards or venting systems for your roof.

Other maintenance needs include annual or bi-annual snow/debris removal and pressure washing. On occasion, your roof may also require patching and restoration services.

From cedar shake and shingle roof replacement to basic repairs and maintenance, we do it all. And at D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc., we prioritize open communication with our clients. While we work on your project, you’ll remain informed on the condition of your roof.

Request a Free Estimate Any Time

We know that a roof overhaul requires a commitment of time and money from homeowners or business owners. To help you prepare for the investment, we offer free estimates on our services.

Simply give us a call at 612.722.1448 or send an email to dsbahr@citlink.net. Our office is located in Minneapolis, MN, but we are proud to extend our services to clients in St. Paul and the surrounding areas.