6 Tips to Extend Your Roof’s Life

Roof replacement is among the most expensive projects you can undertake for your home. Naturally, you likely want to protect this investment as much as possible and save on replacement expenses. Explore six maintenance tips below to ensure your roof lasts several decades.

1. Unclog Gutters

Leaves, twigs, and other debris accumulate in gutters and interrupt the water flow when it rains. With nowhere to go, the pooled water can enter your home through any cracks, resulting in basement and foundation damage. Wet spots on the ceilings and walls are also likely to occur if your roof leaks.

If you leave the water to settle for too long in the gutters, your roof might start to deteriorate, and pests can clamor on the roof to hide. Cluttered gutters are also more likely to develop ice dams on the roof’s edges in cold weather.

Clean your gutters regularly, especially before rainy weather. Free-flowing gutters prevent ice dams and mildew and mold growth. However, cleaning gutters is risky, so contract the services of a professional roofer.

2. Avoid Power Washing

A deep clean restores your roof’s sheen, but your cleaning method may cause more harm than good. Many homeowners use powerful power blasts to clean the exterior, but avoid this method if you have a shingle roof.

Power washing dislodges the shingles’ coating granules, leaving them brittle and vulnerable to damage.

Soft-bristled brooms and leaf blowers are ideal cleaning tools for a shingle roof. Keep in mind that a slippery roof is a safety hazard for non-roofers, and you should leave the task to experts.

3. Trim Trees

Trees near your home provide beauty and shade, but your roof can suffer. Overhanging branches puncture roofs when they break, while leaves accumulate on the gutters and offer hiding places for pests.

Too much shade also prevents the roof from completely drying out, encouraging the growth of algae and moss. Sometimes, squirrels and other critters use branches to access your home and damage your insulation. Trim overhanging limbs regularly, and ensure branches are several feet from the roof.

4. Improve Attic Insulation

Poorly insulated attics facilitate moisture and condensation to form along the roof’s underside, leading to rot and mold growth. The heat build-up in the attic also accelerates the decay of shingles.

A well-insulated attic holds warm air inside in cold weather and cool air in summer and keeps your family comfortable. Additionally, attic insulation protects your roof from damage and extends its lifespan.

5. Apply Coatings

Roofing manufacturers offer various coatings to extend a roof’s lifespan. Coatings adhere to a roof’s surface and form a seamless membrane that withstands extreme weather conditions. For instance, a polyglass coating resists UV rays, makes your roof more energy-efficient, and reduces your energy bill. Stone, slate, and metal roofs also require sealants to maintain their appearance.

6. Schedule Regular Inspections

Roof issues start small before ballooning into bigger problems that cost a lot of money. Many homeowners assume that their roofs are all right if they can’t spot any glaring issue. However, identifying and dealing with wood rot, mold, corrosion, and wet insulation requires the trained eye of a professional roofer.

A roof inspection is especially vital after extreme weather to identify missing shingles, damaged gutters, and other types of roof damage. By fixing minor issues, your roofer spares your roof from extensive damage and ensures it lasts longer.

At D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc., we offer reliable roofing replacement, installation, and repair services for budget-conscious homeowners. We understand that a roof is a significant investment for your family, and we work with you to install a durable roofing system that withstands extreme weather. Contact us today for roofing services you can trust.

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